About This Blog

As of August 2016 Portfolio Envy is retired. The blog will continue to live online, minus new blog posts or content updates. I’ve enjoyed the ride and hope this resource continues to to be useful to everyone working on their folio future!

I recently moved to a new city with new adventures and I am currently training to become Chicago’s first certified KonMari tidying consultant! Feel free to follow my joy journey at https://www.facebook.com/fortheloveoftidy .

Thank you for your readership!

– Kristyn Ivey

During my final year of interior design study, I set out on a mission to explore design professional’s and student’s outlook on the future of interior design portfolios.

There is a gap…so I’m attempting to begin to fill it.  Welcome to Portfolio Envy, a portfolio resource blog and more… it’s folio time.

– Kristyn Ivey, kristynivey.com



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