As of August 2016 Portfolio Envy is retired. The blog will continue to live online, minus new blog posts or content updates. I’ve enjoyed the ride and hope this resource continues to to be useful to everyone working on their folio future!

I recently moved to a new city with new adventures and I am currently training to become Chicago’s first certified KonMari tidying consultant! Feel free to follow my joy journey at .

Thank you for your readership!

– Kristyn Ivey

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  1. iain Lowrie says:

    hello Kristyn,

    Says you are interior design grad.. WONDERFUL!! CONGRATS!!!
    Soon you will have own

    PLEASE remember me..I am furniture architect in Old Town Alexandria designing and fabricating custom casework and bespoke furniture.. traditional and contemporary.. 25 years experience… featured in Wash Post Mag.. but MANY more images than what is up there…
    ask for samples

    thanks for sharing

    703 299 0662

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